July 4 – 6, 2014

Conceived & Led by Niegel Smith
Assisted by Robert Leverett and Reed Sturtevant
Presented by Vox Theater: VoxFest 2014

Do you want in? We just might have something that you want.

As a Fraternity brother, as a casting director, as a member of Christian churches and exclusively gay organizations, as an enfranchised citizen of the US, as a part of any exclusive group, artist Niegel Smith has had many opportunities to consider the ways in which social, political and religious organizations both support and impede a broad and inclusive view of self and others.

On HAZE, he invites participants to join in poetic rituals (songs, gestures, oaths and drinks) some old, some brand new, in an attempt to form, gain access to and critique exclusive communities. We will open our borders to some, close them off to others. But will we survive if we do? Will we thrive if we do? Let’s walk and see.