Rehearsal: The Perils of Obedience


July 10 – 11, 2014 (Abrons Arts Center, NYC)

Created By Itziar Barrio and Directed By Niegel Smith

As the next part of THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE, a long-term project that researches power and its diverse embodiments, Itziar Barrio mixes performance, theater, film and live experience to confront established sets of rules and cultivate the conditions for unscripted consequences.THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE is inspired by Stanley Milgram’s 1961 psychological experiments. In this project four characters are immersed in power dynamics within the same scene and an endless conflict.

In continuing collaboration with theater director Niegel SmithRehearsal TPO generates a narrative by placing the cast in specific roles and situations where power is contested, performed, and analyzed. The audience will witness the working process of a rehearsal, designed as a performance and where the entire process will be recorded and edited for a final video piece. The four participating actors were selected in the previous stage of the project, Casting THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE, presented at the Abrons Arts Center in March 2013. Following an open call, the selection process was exposed to the audience, who could experience the excitement and seduction of an audition.